Work with us

Located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Fahsec is a down to earth family business that strives to create a working environment based on mutual kindness and respect.

If you have a strong work ethic, willing to learn new skills and apply yourself effectively to achieve the goals of the company, contact us to discuss employment.

Company Values

The company culture merges love with hard work and responsibility with the goal of making life better for employees, partners such as the producers we support and the clients we serve, and hopefully the world at large.

We try to promote the following principles:

  • Honesty.
  • Kindness.
  • A good work ethic makes us stronger in all areas of our lives.
  • Always improve upon ourselves.
  • Apply powerful technology for betterment of all people.
  • Respect others strengths and weaknesses.
  • Humility and living within our means.
  • Giving more in our lives than we take from others.


To ensure the success and happiness of everyone involved with Fahsec we uphold the following expectations:

  • Be responsible for the tasks you undertake, complete them to the best of your ability.
  • Work efficiently, complete tasks as quickly as possible while maintaining quality of results, if all jobs are complete talk with management to find additional work that can help improve the company.
  • Keep a positive attitude, always be caring and support each other.
  • Spend your time at work focused on tasks that improve the company and it's goals. Listening to music that improves focus and productivity is welcome but watching videos or engaging with personal social media activity during work hours is not acceptable.
  • Communicate constantly, be confident discussing what is working and what is not. Don't be afraid to suggest new ideas.
  • Raise concerns if any task or process is not working or you see something that goes against the positive values of the company.

Employment Opportunities


We are always interested in intelligent problem solvers that can join our team of programmers developing projects to make the world a better place.

To join our programming team you don't need to be trained in computer science or programming, what we look for is a proven ability to study and to handle complex problems. If you have completed university level with high scores in subjects such as science, mathematics or technology then you would likely have the skills we are looking for.

Applicants with prior programming experience may start higher in the remuneration table, this decision will be made by management after the initial 3 month trial period.

Ethical Supply

Our ethical supply team is primarily focused on successful online selling, through online marketplaces, websites, and social media.

If you have a passion for supporting and promoting quality local production and using technology as effectively as possible you would be suitable for this team.


All members of our team are paid the same rates depending on whether you join the programming or ethical supply team.

Fahsec does not judge who is worth more or less than others in the team, instead we expect all members to uphold our values and expectations such as hard work and a commitment to the success of our vision.

Team members who help us grow are rewarded with salaries that increase regularly according to the tables below.

Programming Team

Time Worked Salary Increase
1-3 months 13,000 THB -
4-6 months 15,000 THB 2,000 THB
7-9 months 15,200 THB 200 THB
10-12 months 15,400 THB 200 THB
1 year 1-3 months 15,600 THB 200 THB
1 year 4-6 months 15,800 THB 200 THB
1 year 7-9 months 16,000 THB 200 THB
1 year 10-12 months 16,200 THB 200 THB
2 years 1-3 months 18,000 THB 1,800 THB
2 years 4-6 months 18,250 THB 250 THB
2 years 7-9 months 18,500 THB 250 THB
2 years 10-12 months 18,750 THB 250 THB
3 years 1-3 months 19,000 THB 250 THB
3 years 4-6 months 19,250 THB 250 THB
3 years 7-9 months 19,500 THB 250 THB
3 years 10-12 months 19,750 THB 250 THB
4 years 1-3 months 21,750 THB 2,000 THB
4 years 4-6 months 22,000 THB 250 THB
4 years 7-9 months 22,250 THB 250 THB
4 years 10-12 months 22,500 THB 250 THB
5 year 1-3 months 22,750 THB 250 THB
5 year 4-6 months 23,000 THB 250 THB
5 year 7-9 months 23,250 THB 250 THB
5 year 10-12 months 23,500 THB 250 THB
6 years 1-3 months 26,250 THB 2,750 THB
6 years 4-6 months 26,500 THB 250 THB
6 years 7-9 months 26,750 THB 250 THB
6 years 10-12 months 27,000 THB 250 THB
7 year 1-3 months 27,250 THB 250 THB
7 year 4-6 months 27,500 THB 250 THB
7 year 7-9 months 27,750 THB 250 THB
7 year 10-12 months 28,000 THB 250 THB
8 years 1-3 months 31,500 THB 3,500 THB
8 years 4-6 months 31,750 THB 250 THB
8 years 7-9 months 32,000 THB 250 THB
8 years 10-12 months 32,250 THB 250 THB
9 year 1-3 months 32,500 THB 250 THB
9 year 4-6 months 32,750 THB 250 THB
9 year 7-9 months 33,000 THB 250 THB
9 year 10-12 months 33,250 THB 250 THB
10 year 1-3 months 37,250 THB 4,000 THB
(similar increase after 10 years)

Ethical Supply Team

Time Worked Salary Increase
1-3 months 13,000 THB -
4-6 months 15,000 THB 2,000 THB
7-9 months 15,200 THB 200 THB
10-12 months 15,400 THB 200 THB
1 year 1-3 months 15,600 THB 200 THB
1 year 4-6 months 15,800 THB 200 THB
1 year 7-9 months 16,000 THB 200 THB
1 year 10-12 months 16,200 THB 200 THB
2 years 1-3 months 17,000 THB 800 THB
2 years 4-6 months 17,250 THB 250 THB
2 years 7-9 months 17,500 THB 250 THB
2 years 10-12 months 17,750 THB 250 THB
(increase by 250 THB every 3 months)

Transitioning to Programming Team

Employees who were initially employed in the ethical supply team can move to the programming team, to do this they must do the following:

  • Self train to an acceptable level in the area of coding they would be entering into.
  • Be responsible for training a new employee to take over prior responsibilities.
If interested, talk to management and we will layout a plan to achieve the transition.

Managerial Positions

Employees who show the following strengths will be offered managerial positions as they become available:

  • Responsible work ethic and honesty.
  • Commitment to success and vision of the company.
  • Ability to understand instructions.
  • Desire to solve problems independently.
  • Strong inter-personal skills.
Managers will be assigned a project and be responsible for it's planning and development, including overseeing and ensuring the productivity of employees working on the project. Managers will be remunerated 1,000 THB per employee they oversee, in addition to their standard base salary.


Employee Insurance

Fahsec offers Thailand's standard employee insurance.

Flexible Work Hours

Your contract is for 40 hours per week, all employees work onsite however we are flexible when you work. Talk with management about what works best for you, starting early, working late, or moving work time to weekends is normally no problem.

Employee Fund

Every month Fahsec adds funds to an employee fund that can be spent how the team chooses, any team member can suggest how to spend accumulated funds using an anonymous voting method and the team votes if they agree.

Exercise for Focus

We work on computers all day, and that can be tiring, neurological studies have shown that breaking long periods of cognitive work with exercise is beneficial for maintaining focus, plus it is great for your overall health.

Fahsec has an opt-in offer where employees can take some time away from the computer to exercise and Fahsec will calculate 75% of that time as work time.

To take advantage of this offer the following points must be followed:

  • Exercise must start >= 2.5 hours after starting work, and end >= 3 hours before work finishes.
  • Can be done once per day, on any day a full 8 hours is worked.
  • A shower can be taken after exercise, that time is not counted as paid work time.
  • The exercise must be reasonably intensive so as to increase heart-rate, this will differ for each person's fitness level, talk with management what activity would be suitable.
  • A recording of the exercise is expected, uploaded to the team's video channel.
  • Maximum 1 hour per session.

Example: If you arrive at work at 8am you could exercise from 11am to midday, then have your 1 hour lunch break and finish work at 5:15pm, this would be considered a full 8 hour work day.

Team Meals

Once every two weeks the team can choose to make a shared meal, the employee fund is used to cover ingredient costs and the company will cover up to 6 hours of the preperation time.

The 6 hours can be one person spending 6 hours to prepare the meal, two people spending 3 hours together, three people taking 2 hours, or any other combination.

The decision on what meal to make is decided using anonymous range choice voting.

(employeement detail and renumeration applied at discretion of management and may be changed at any time without notice)